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Fall Term Begins

It's a brand new school year where so many opportunities await! We hope to see you at our volunteer meetings, the Orange Media Network open house, other Prism upcoming events, or see your submissions come our way. We can't wait to meet you and see what you submit :)

Submissions Due!

Get those submissions in! We can't wait to see what you submit, and remember there is no theme you have to restrict yourself to. We accept all kinds of art and literary works which can include: poetry, fine art, pottery, digital art, photography, prose, music, video, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to...

Fall Term Ends

Congratulations on finishing fall term! Reward yourself by taking time to read what you want to read, spend time making some art, sit down and do a DIY craft--or really just anything that is just pure enjoyment. You deserve it 100% :)

Winter Term Begins

Good luck this winter term! We hope to see you at review committee, our volunteer meetings, or other events we have planned.

Winter Term Ends

You made it through another term! Go you! Take time to recharge this spring break, and remember exciting things are up and coming when we return.

Spring Term Begins

It's a big term for Prism! Our new edition comes out in May, and we can't wait for you to see it and for you to attend our big celebration, our launch party.

Spring Term Ends

Congrats on making it through the academic year! Thank you for joining us for our Prism events this year. If you're graduating, congratulations on that big accomplishment! If you still have more time at OSU, enjoy the summer and we hope to see you at Prism events in the fall :)