A Practice in Comfort, with Poetry

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Prism contributors Julia Zeigler, Sophie Unks, Lisa Wilson, Erin Dose and Bailey Griffice, and assistant editor Lauren Miller read several select pieces of poetry. The themes of the readings attempt to bring some comfort in the midst of Dead Week and welcome in the winter-time.

Poems featured, in order:

  • ‘Fall, leaves, fall’ by Emily Brontë
  • ‘Begging Forgiveness’ by Enrique Jaramilio-Levi; translated by Leland H. Chambers
  • ‘When Giving is All We Have’ by Alberto Rios
  • ‘Anxiety’ by Erin Dose
  • ‘Love Bits’ by Ceph Poklemba
  • ‘Sincerely’ by Kalie Leavelle