Poetry Feature: “Things I Overheard People Saying on Campus” by Darcy Pound


Photo by Natalie Harris

Darcy Pound, Volunteer

This poem was submitted to us during week one by Darcy Pound, one of our Prism volunteers. Pound captures part of the chaos that is transitioning from remote learning to a (mostly) in person experience on campus, just by creating a poem out of things she overheard people saying. Something I know I missed last year were the small conversations between classes, or running into people I know as I leave the MU or the SEC. Transitions will always have their difficulties, but Pound is able to remind us within these stanzas of how to find the joy and laughter through it all.

From the poet: Welcome back students and faculty to Oregon State University- in person! Returning to campus is yet another immense change, but we’ve all been through so much already, we can survive an awkward encounter by the water fountain! So take note of how things are going back in person, and soak it all in!

Woah that sound is the clock-
I’ll meet you and Axel at the LINC in like 15 minutes.
…cause I got class in the morning before that…
That’s just the exhaust pipe…
…and that’s what happens when your bunny gets pregnant.
My earring got stuck in my mask-
There was absolutely nowhere to park.
-orange is a necessity-
*loud laughter*
Oh god, die spider-
They got Alexis…
No it’s that.
He was only 22.
It wouldn’t be too bad.
*helicopter sounds*
I can’t imagine that…
Well exactly.

Poem by Darcy Pound

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