Frighteningly Easy Halloween DIYs!


Tosca Ruotolo, Editor

It is almost Halloween, and we here at Prism are so excited for the excuse to dress up and get spooky. But with midterms, homework piling up and all of the other challenges college life has to offer, you probably haven’t much time to plan anything too complicated for the 31st. 

Thankfully, we’ve collected a Pinterest board full of food and drink DIYs, easy costume ideas, and simple Halloween decorations to make your living space a little creepier! 

Do you like to cook or bake? Take a look at some of the recipes we’ve collected! Impress your roommates and friends with the spider cupcakes, mummy rice krispie treats or the pumpkin taco platter. If you’re over 21, take a look at the creative Halloween-themed drink recipes we found. 

Is it an hour before the costume party and you have nothing to wear? We’ve collected lists of the best and easiest outfits that you can put together in just a few minutes. Check them out and win every costume contest! 

Want to spice up your dorm room, sorority/fraternity, apartment or house? We found some fun DIY craft ideas to help decorate on a budget. 

Have lots of frightening fun! We hope this Pinterest board helps you make the most out of your halloweekend. Remember to stay safe, and if you choose to party, make sure to do so responsibly. Leave us a comment if this was helpful to you, and while you check out our Pinterest—go ahead and give it a follow!

Happy Halloween! 

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