Prompts to Help Break Art Block

Stuck on what to create? Check out our handy list of artistic prompts to get inspired!


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As the submission deadline for this year’s edition of Prism approaches, we wanted to give you some art prompts to help spark inspiration! We’d love to see your pieces in the edition, so make sure you get your work in by November 19th! You can find our submission form here

  • Write from the perspective of an individual who is much older than you. 
  • Make a piece of art based on the lyrics of a song. 
  • Write from the perspective of your favorite article of clothing. 
  • Write backwards: start with the end of the story and work from there. 
  • Make art about something you hate. 
  • Make a drawing that is based around a figure of speech. (Example: “You’re talking me to death”)
  • Create something that takes place at a major historical event that you did not attend. 
  • Make an art piece based on a recipe. 
  • Imagine a story that is completely made up of lies.
  • Write a conversation that does not include dialogue
  • Paint someone you’ve never met. 
  • Write about a couple meeting again after 10 years. 
  • Make art about how it feels to have an unreciprocated crush. 
  • Draw a wardrobe malfunction. 
  • Write a story made up entirely of text messages.  
  • Paint a lost stuffed animal. 
  • Make art that talks about discovering your sexuality. 
  • Make art that breaks the fourth wall. 
  • Come up with a situation where you have two emotions together, simultaneously, that normally don’t go together.
  • Create a self-portrait out of inanimate objects.
  • Describe how a color makes you feel.
  • Imagine how you would feel if you found out that trees are actually living people.
  • Write about how you would handle an apocalypse.
  • Paint how the season of winter makes you feel.
  • Show how you visualize your mind by drawing out a map.
  • Write from the perspective of an individual who is much younger than you. 

We hope that these prompts helped if you’ve been experiencing art block! If you used any of them to write a story, we’d love to read them. Make sure to send in your submissions before Friday for a chance to get published in the next edition of Prism! 


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