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Chin Swee Temple by Adrienne Loke. Film Photography.

Art Feature: “Chin Swee Temple” by Adrienne Loke

Brynne Boehlecke June 12, 2024

  Biography: Hi there! I'm Adrienne, and I am a first year undergraduate student at OSU studying Biology! I absolutely love all kinds of art styles, whether it be digital, 2D, 3D, or anything...

Poetry by Cris Castillo and a Visual Feature by Bryce Powell

Poetry by Cris Castillo and a Visual Feature by Bryce Powell

Brynne Boehlecke June 11, 2024

    Bryce Powell Biography: My name is Bryce, and I have been taking pictures since my first photography class in my Junior year at Benson High School in Portland, Oregon. I...

Benny the Titan by Jose Rios Ortiz. Digital art.

Art Feature: “Benny the Titan” Jose Rios Ortiz

Brynne Boehlecke June 10, 2024

  Biography: My name is Jose Rios Ortiz. I come from Salem, Oregon and currently attend Oregon State University as a pre-Graphic Design major. I enjoy spending my days laughing, watching sports...

Dragon Attack by Anonymous. Watercolor and Gouache.

Poetry by Ryaan Akmal & an Anonymous Art Feature

Brynne Boehlecke June 4, 2024

  Dementophobia, or the Fear of Insanity I'm afraid I had something to tell you. The words feel jumbled up right now, But I'm sure we can find sense in them.   They call...

Marshs Descent by Canyon Roberts. Digital Art.

Poetry by Ellie Ocel & a Visual Feature by Canyon Roberts

Brynne Boehlecke June 2, 2024

  Snowblind After snow falls, it is covered with cinder from cars driving past every day.   From far away, the mountain bleeds.   As we drive past, you say nothing looks...

Art Feature: Two Pieces by Ivy Odette

Art Feature: Two Pieces by Ivy Odette

Brynne Boehlecke June 1, 2024

    Biography: Ivy is a 17 year old student at OSU who grew up watching cartoons and surrounded by nature. She is from Portland, Oregon but now lives in the Columbia River Gorge....

Daily Art Opportunities at OSU

Daily Art Opportunities at OSU

Hello everyone, and welcome to Oregon State University! OSU and the rest of Corvallis have many opportunities for you to explore your creative side! We offer many different ways for you to enjoy art, ranging...

How to: Collage

How to: Collage

Maricruz Trenado-Frias August 15, 2022

As we get closer to the start of the school year, we are arriving at an exciting time, Prism submissions!!! Submissions are now open to students for the 2022-2023 school year. If you were unaware, Prism...

Beyond the Page: Let’s Chat with Skeleton Boy!

Tosca Ruotolo, Editor May 6, 2022

In a very fun episode of Beyond the Page, Tosca is joined by members of pop punk band Skeleton Boy! They shoot the breeze and chat about musical roots, their evolution from stripped-down acoustic sets...

Prose Feature: “Wall in the Dark” by Zane Russell

Zane Russell May 4, 2022

The Garden of Glass I recall all those summers ago, summers ripe as this, seasons upon which I and my sister would prance amidst the flowering daisies of our grandparent’s oriental flat. We would...

Poetry Feature: 2022 Provost Winner Aanaa Felema

Aanaa Felema May 4, 2022

I’ve Stopped Trying To Make Celery Taste Good 1. I hear it in a pop song for the first time as a child— a vegetable is a vegetable and also a dead weight. I see it for myself when I’m slightly...

Beyond the Page: Let’s Vibe with Glide Divine!

Tosca Ruotolo, Editor April 29, 2022

In this episode, Tosca interviews members of Corvallis space rock band Glide Divine! Tune in as they chat about the band's roots, corvallis vs out-of-state music scenes and local inspirations! Follow...

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