Artist Biographies – Volume 143

Hadiya Riechers 

Hadiya Riechers is a Tourism, Recreation, and Adventure Leadership student at OSU-Cascades in Bend, Oregon. She has published with Portland Community College’s literary and art magazine, Alchemy.


Adeline Hull 

Hi – I am Adeline Hull! I am from San Diego, California and currently in my final term at Oregon State. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, focusing on painting and sculpture, as well as minors in Business Administration and Design & Innovation Management. I started my artistic practice through painting portraits before focusing on figurative, humanity-centered works as a form of internal expression and external connection.


Ai Ana Richmond

I love many things seven year old boys do: running amok in the woods, catching frogs, poking at dead things, looking under rocks, getting muddy, eating fruit snacks, pretending to be a dinosaur, and generally being a nuisance. This is why I’m becoming a scientist.

I also love doing many things grandmas do: baking cookies, drinking tea with a good book of poetry, gardening, petting my cat, creative writing in many forms, and reflecting on the beauty surrounding us. This is why I’m becoming an artist.


Alexis Morris

I am a BFA in Photography and Digital Media and I create art that forms around the idea of my relationship with my body. I have just started to dive into my artistic practice and hope to one day help those like myself achieve their artistic goals.


AnaKarrinn Tracy 

I am a first-year student from Beaverton, Oregon, studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Honors College. Even though I chose to take classes focusing on the science-y side of life here at Oregon State, I’m passionate about trying to understand and explore life through an artistic lens as well. Outside of poetry and biology, some of my other passions include exploring the outdoors, cooking, and music!


Andres De Los Santos

Andres De Los Santos is a senior at Oregon State, double majoring in Creative Writing and English, and double minoring in Communication and Writing. He loves to listen to music, hang out with friends, make people smile, and enjoys writing.


Angel Black

Im a senior studying fine arts, I moved to Corvallis in 2018 from Salem, Oregon. Most of my life I have spent enjoying the beautiful scenery of Oregon, but, I plan on moving after graduation to explore and expand my artistic practice before going on to graduate school for my MFA. Someday I hope to become a Professor in painting because I love teaching and I love painting.


Anna Gerber 

I’m a digital artist from McMinnville, Oregon. I have been making art seriously for about 7 years with no plans of stopping. While digital is my primary medium I also enjoy working with Watercolor. Art has always been a major part of my life and I hope to shape a career around it.


Ari Knight 

 I am a local multimedia artist focused on graphic design and photography. I also dabble in painting, collage, ceramics, jewelry making, and much more. I am in my fourth year as a Graphic Design major, and spend my free time playing mellophone in the OSU marching band, playing badminton, and hanging out with my snakes.


Arleen Bahl 

Arleen Bahl is a BioHealth Sciences student at Oregon State University aiming to become a physician assistant in the future. Being from an Indian background and growing up in America, she’s had a unique experience with how the different cultures and their expectations impacted her, and she aims to share that with her writing. the perfect woman poem was one of Arleen’s first adventures into poetry, and it’s an example of how she wishes to use her voice, experiences, and imagination to address feminist issues that she’s passionate about.


Asher Whitney

I’m an environmental sciences and sustainable horticulture major. Much of my art is focused on aspects of the natural world.


Brynne Boehlecke

Hello! My name is Brynne, and I’m a first-year Creative Writing student at Oregon State. I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada, where creativity and dark imagination run rampant—an aspect of my home that I’ve embraced in my personality and art to an almost lethal degree. I breathe for literature, music, and taking pictures of the moon, and if you’re ever looking to find a quote or rare word, I have one of each for every situation. I like frogs and candles and acrylic paint. Silver jewelry. Rain on airplane windows. Sylvia Plath. Those are the important things. Thank you!



Kite is a third year student studying computer science and psychology. They’re a self taught artist whose been drawing as long as they can remember and have no plans to stop! When they’re not busy drawing or completing schoolwork, they’re probably having fun with friends or thinking about dogs.


Cat Smith 

I was born and raised in New England but decided to pursue my education here at OSU. I’m a fourth year student majoring in Zoology and minoring in Studio Art, and I’m currently working as a cartoonist and illustrator for Orange Media Network.


Charlotte Handick 

Currently a student at Oregon State University, Portland-born poet Charlotte Handick is a passionate writer of both prose and poetry. Pursuing an English Literature degree while working in creative writing, she is interested in spanning the gap between critic and artist, experience and creation. Writing gives her an outlet for her lifelong fascination with the inner recesses of the human psyche. In her work she explores themes ranging from memory and disability to the role of the artist in giving shape to reality.


Chloe Lee

A part time artist that manifests my view of the world in physical form. To name some of my biggest inspirations growing up, to name a few were Junji Ito, Sui Ishida, Jun Mochizuki, Ai Yazawa, Claude Monet, amongst others. Despite not delving into the arts as a profession, I love creating and find creating art as a safe haven. I love creating conversation and evoking emotion through my pieces, and find joy when people are able to gain new perspective. Besides my own life endeavors venturing into the world, I find my inspiration in music and literature


Clare Akeman


I’m Clare and I’m a sophmore at OSU! 

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, to make up for the lack of art skills. 

I write a lot of short stories or movie ideas, but I’ve been on a poetry kick for the last few months and have started to like it a lot!  

Thanks for reading!


Cooper Theodore

I’m an aspiring writer here at OSU. I’m a senior majoring in Creative Writing, and I’m currently the vice-president of OSU’s Creative Writing Society. I mostly write fiction (and primarily sci-fi at that), but I’ve enjoyed writing non-fiction and a little poetry as well. In addition to writing, I’ve enjoyed practicing and performing in many other art forms such as ballet and modern dance, acting, singing, photography, piano playing, graphic design, game design, and a couple other small things.


Alex McIntire 

Alex McIntire is a San Juan Island native who has spent the last two years researching killer whales in the Salish Sea. He has been a field research intern with the Orca Behavior Institute for two field seasons and spends his free time on the water with wild killer whales. McIntire is currently finishing his degree in marine biology this year and looks forward to continuing to work with orcas in the wild after he graduates.


Elana Rolden

Hello! My name is Elana and I’m a freshman majoring in Biology, but more importantly, a lover of writing. I take it in whatever way I can, whether that means video games, poetry, film, or anything else I get my hands on. You can often find me wishing it was October, sketching, craving tostones, or not being able to hear through my headphones. I hope you’re enjoying some art right now, and take this as a sign to go buy a cookie.



Henry is a first year student in the School of Writing, Literature, and Film. He would like to publish at least one book of poetry during his life, and plans to teach writing or Shakespeare at the college level one day.


Erica De Sutter Summerville

Erica De Sutter Summerville is working to obtain a master’s degree in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department with a minor in Queer Studies at Oregon State University. Her research areas include Feminist Studies, Queer Studies, Media Studies, and Popular Culture.


Eva Israelsen

Eva Israelsen is a sophomore year studio art major. Last year, she made the big move from Kauai to Corvallis, so she’s new to the Oregon art scene. Shes loved having the opportunity to meet and learn from other artists in Oregon so far. Growing up, she explored every medium she could get her hands on, and is super eager to learn new art techniques and skills over the next few years. Some of her favorite things to do include jewelry making, thrifting, sculpting tiny clay sculptures, designing and sewing clothes, acrylic painting, and sketching.


Gala Smith

I am a student studying creative writing at OSU. I hate pickles and I love strawberries.


Grace Knutsen

Grace Knutsen is a student historian from the coast with a real penchant for classic rock.


Hailey Todetli

I am a third year graphic design student with a passion for photography! As someone who is very innovative with eco-friendly living, I always try to appreciate nature in any way that I can. One other thing to know about me is that I am one of the most sappy people out there, always making my friends be models for me. Thank you to everyone who participates in my work and helps make my visions a reality.


Hannah Lull

I’m a third year, creative writing major with a journalism minor. I mostly self taught myself to paint during the first COVID-19 lockdown, but I’ve been doing other forms of art my entire life!


Mack Lieu

who taught them to get silly like that

computer science (ai option) 1st year – minors in psychology & philosophy


Jadon Allen 

Guilt! is a brand I have slowly built up over the past four years. My works vary from fashion, traditional art, videography, murals, and photography. I put countless hours into my work and thrive to be a better artist every single day. More work can be found on Instagram @guiltpdx or online at


Jakki Mattson

Jakki Mattson is a PhD student in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University. Jakki holds a Master of Arts in Communication Studies, with a graduate certificate in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and dual Bachelor degrees in journalism and mass communication and American ethnic studies, with minors in women’s studies and queer studies, from Kansas State University. Jakki’s research areas include critical queer theory and studies, theory in the flesh, and body and performance.


Jenna Schopflin

Jenna Schoepflin is a nonbinary, bisexual writer who specializes in fiction. They have earned an Associate of Arts at Linn Benton Community College and are currently pursuing Bachelor’s of Creative Writing at Oregon State University. Their work has been published by the literary journal Maudlin House and Linn Benton Community College’s The Commuter.


Jason St Clair

Jason is a professional photographer revealing the world beyond the visible. Through his images, he allows viewers to expand their perception of themselves and the environment in which they live. His work is based on two advanced photographic techniques: infrared photography and ultraviolet photography. Over the years, he has developed real know-how in these two niche areas, by designing his own shooting systems and constantly experimenting in order to offer images that are as innovative as they are original.

In 2020, photography had been taking a more centralized place in his life, and decided to embark on the adventure of a photographer. Honing the necessary skills at Oregon State University, he has put his technical skills at the service of his artistic sensibility and projects focused on people, nature, and health.


Joise Hartung 

I am a Junior at Oregon State University currently pursuing a Marine studies degree. Along with being in the Marine Studies program, I hold a leadership position within the Oceans 11 Club at OSU and have been a member for the last three years. I have a strong love for poetry and Urban/Paranormal Fantasy writing and hope to publish my works in these genres.


Kailea Warouw 

I’m Kai, a fourth year Apparel Design and Design and Innovation Management double major here at OSU. I’m from a suburb of Seattle and enjoy listening to music, hanging out with loved ones, rollerskating, and of course, making art. I’ve dabbled in most art mediums, and have found drawing and sewing to be the most accessible to me. I’m grateful to have found a community on campus within these past couple years through art and fashion, and wish the best to everyone as they embark on their journey into the real world.


Kasaundra Bonanno

I  like pretty things, the truth, and contradictions. This is my first submission to Prism.


Katie Livermore 

My name is Katie Livermore and I’m a second-year zoology and creative writing double major. I’m a writer for the Daily Barometer and love to write anything: lab reports, poems, songs, scripts, articles, and more! In the future, I hope to study journalism on the east coast and become a science journalist to “speak for the trees” and animals.


Kawaiala Husen

I am a third year studying marketing and Spanish. I was born and raised here in Corvallis and many of my family members are Oregon State alums! My hobbies include hiking, photography, music, and traveling. I love boba, meeting new people, being outdoors, plants, coffee, and thrifting. I also love being involved on campus, I’m a member of Delta Gamma sorority, Marketing Club, People of Color in Business Club, and Hui O Hawai’i Club!


Keannah Hollister 

I am a stem student studying fisheries and wildlife with a passion for art, conservation and advocacy. I hope to spread joy, and intrigue with my art making people think about themselves and what they believe.


Keith Tyler Revilla

Hi, I’m Keith Tyler Revilla! I am a third year here at OSU and I’m an English and education double major with a math minor. I was a general engineering major in my first year. After getting .001 off from an ALEKS assignment, I switched majors. I thought the credits could come in handy as a math minor. I have been writing poetry on and off for about four years now. It started as a way to use my journals I wasn’t using, but in the end it became the very thing I want to pursue in my life.



She is a third year majoring in Digital Communication Arts and minoring in Asian Languages and Cultures and Studio art. She grew up in Honolulu, Hawai’i and developed her love for art as a 5 year old in her mother’s office, where she would draw “lions” (circles with spikes around them) on scrap paper and stick it to the magnetic file cabinets. Now, she’s contemplating a future direction, but she dreams to work along the lines of concept art and create something meaningful to others.


Krisona Wen

My name is Krisona Wen. I’m currently a second year OSU student. I make art as a hobby. I love dabbling in different mediums like traditional and digital. I just want to have fun making things that interest me while (hopefully) interest others.


Leah Kahn

Leah Kahn is a native Oregonian. She has been published in three previous issues of Prism. She also wrote a one-act play called “Ellis Island” that OSU theatre preformed Winter 2022. She is known for taking her friends on extremely long hikes, hanging out in cemeteries with Mary, and testing the limits of her just under five-foot frame. She would like to thank her mom for listening to every poem she’s ever written, and her dad for supporting her poetry.



I am Digital Communication Arts Major, currently in my third year of college. Being creative is what I love to do, whether that be singing, dancing, or working the camera whether that be behind or in front of it. Always think positively. There’s no time for being sad.


Lian Moy

Yo! My name’s Lian and I’m a 3rd year food science & sustainable technologies major. I like to occasionally draw when I get enough drive to. Some other things I’ve been into is cooking, watching anime, and trying to learn how to dance. In summary, I’m just a weeb uni kid trying to enjoy life


Lucas Yao  

Hello! I am a queer trans writer, artist, and professional shower singer. I’m double majoring in Biohealth Sciences and Creative Writing, with minors in chemistry and public health and a medical humanities certificate, and I’m planning on graduating spring 2023. After undergrad I will be taking a gap year before applying to medical school. In my spare time I love to repeatedly rewatch the same three Netflix shows, resist the urge to buy Goodwill’s entire stock of patterned button-downs, and walk down Campus Way to look at the cows.


Maria Tejeda Solorozano 

I’m a Graphic Design and Creative Writing major. I have already completed two years of college, but I transferred to OSU, so this is my first year at OSU. I’m Mexican, an immigrant and a first generation student, circumstances of which I sometimes enjoy putting in my writing. I love writing fiction pieces and implementing darker themes within them. I also love to draw, write, and I play the clarinet!


Miranda Lenore

Miranda Lenore is currently studying Creative Writing and Theatre after transferring to Oregon State University from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA after earning two Associates. Andy has multiple works in progress, from other poems to short story anthologies and full-length screenplays. Her heart lies with creating and sharing many forms of art with the world and hopes to relate to others’ struggles, triumphs, and passions.


Natasia Afonin

My name is Nastasia Afonin and I was born in Portland, Oregon. I grew up and have lived in Oregon my entire life. I’m currently a student at Oregon State University and this spring I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art. As a painter I have been inspired to paint the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I have traveled throughout the whole world and have been fascinated by many artists. This was the main reason for me to pursue my BFA in studio arts. However, I don’t limit myself to just painting landscapes. I have recently delved into New Genre painting.


Olivia Eiler

Olivia Eiler is an English and Education major from Southern Orange County, California in her fourth year after transferring to Oregon State from a community college in her hometown. She has lived in Corvallis, Oregon for over a year working as a local barista. Having experienced a housing emergency over the summer, Olivia traveled home to see her family following the experience and wrote a series of poems about her experiences in the Summer of 2022 as well as the comforts of home.


Oliver Harkola

Oliver (Ollie) Harkola is a Euro-American trans and queer artist, gardener, educator and graduate student in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department. They love to do too many art projects, cook with loved ones, try to make friends with birds, and get up to gay hijinks in the forest.


Pavel Sengupta

I am a Ph.D. student in Chemistry with a focus in Analytical. I’m in the Koleylab. I love my research, playing basketball, working out, writing, going on walks at sunset, and listening to people. I have known a lifetime of sorrows so if you can wish to spread some joy, let me know! My inspiration are my mother Indrani and my sister Aileen. If you ever find time to communicate with me, I can tell you about my life, in person, face-to-face. Written words can seldom capture the breadth of someone’s life.


Phoebe Andromeda

Phoebe Andromeda is a queer computational physics major from the Midwest just trying her best. And sometimes succeeding :’)



Hi! I’m a forensic chemist with a love for poetry. I hope to be able to inspire people with words!



In her free time, she likes to create things, whether it’s written, crafty, or some new dessert. If she’s not creating something, she’s probably thinking about reading, or she’s being chaotic with her roommates. She prefers writing fiction, but has been experimenting with poetry after taking a poetry class.


Rebecca Knight 

I am a first-year Oceanography student, and I am from Bend, Oregon.


Rose Dixon

Hello there! I’m a self-taught queer artist specializing in traditional horror pieces. I use my art as a means to discuss queer issues, struggles I face with mental illness, and societal commentary.


Sabrina She

​​I am a third year Creative Writing major. I’ve been writing since I first figured out that I could make my own stories when I was a little kid. I love making up narratives and worlds that are contained in my head, even if most of it never gets finished! My ultimate goal is to become a public librarian, but I’m enjoying the literary journey along the way!


Sam Groetsch

I’m a second year student at Oregon State who loves storytelling, philosophy, and the reality-altering nature of art.


Scarlet Harrison

Scarlet Harrison (b. 2001 Portland, OR) was raised in Cloverdale, OR. Here in this small town, she learned that human connections, supporting her community, and openly talking about issues are an integral part of her identity and for change. Scarlet’s art has taken shape from these values and has formed into a space that advocates for equality amongst women and explores the human nature of emotions. She now resides in Corvallis, OR earning her BFA at Oregon State University.


Sheyanne Loose

Sheyanne Loose is the current president of the Creative Writing Society. She is an undergraduate student majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Psychology. Almost every day, you can find her walking to and from OSU for her classes, club meetings, and work at Academics for Student Athletes as an academic mentor and tutor. While she mostly focuses on fiction, she also enjoys writing creative nonfiction and would like to write fantasy in the future.


Siena Buchanan

Siena Buchanan is a freshmen studying animal sciences. Siena is a native Oregonian, and is particularly interested in the use of biology and ecology as it relates to writing and fictional worlds. She enjoys reading very thick fantasy novels and getting into the weeds discussing them online. Despite her best efforts, she has not learned how to teleport nor do any sort of magic, but that isn’t from a lack of trying!


Sophia Adaleen Townsley

I’m too tall. Always tired. But I enjoy writing, so that’s nice.


Stephanie Plata

Stephanie is a 5th Year Architectural Engineering Student. She was born in New Mexico in her has always found fun and relaxation in drawing, painting, writing, and theatre. She also enjoys reading poetry and supporting the local music scene. Stephanie’s only artistic accolade was that won 3rd place in a toilet seat painting contest.


Sydney Marker

Sydney is a second year undergraduate majoring in Biology with a focus in Genetics and minoring in music performance. When she is not busy studying (which doesn’t happen very often), practicing the flute, or writing, she enjoys watching movies and reading murder mysteries.


Talia Caldwell

Talia is a Senior BFA Student graduating Spring 2023. She enjoys working with multiple mediums including printmaking, water color, cyanotypes, and painting. She continues to explore abstract and expressionist concepts in her art.



Hello there! My name is Shiloh and I’m a queer artist and aspiring educator. I am a junior at OSU. I’m inspired by nature and my animal companions.


 Nicolai Trung

Nicolai Tr is an artist and writer of multiple disciplines. Their work spans from community building, artistic practice to scholastic projects. Even of different identities, their work seeks to bridge differences through connections.


Wanyu Zhu

I hope that I will be able to record the beautiful things I see in my eyes so that more people can see it.


Will Hawkinson

Hello! My name is Will Hawkinson. I am a 4th year Philosophy major, and I love exploring the world, taking pictures along the way. I think there is a lot to see and learn out there! Pursuing those mysteries is a part of my goals, and I wish to become a fuller person while always moving forward.


Wyatt Cross

Wyatt (they/he) is a graduate student in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program. They are originally from the rural upper-Midwest, and they are excited to share these pieces as part of their first artistic publication.



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