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Meet the PRISM Team: Genavieve

Interview conducted by Zoe Walker

What is your name and pronouns?


My name is Genavieve Elli, she/her.


What is your year and major?


I’m a sophomore, my major is marketing.


What is your PRISM position?


I am a marketing associate for PRISM.


What sorts of things do you do for that?


I plan marketing campaigns for their launches; I help plan launch parties; I post on the Instagram and cross-post on the Instagram story. Yeah, just a lot of planning, social media-wise. And I also reach out externally to get PRISM publications out, to OSU Today and to put on the calendar and MU screens – just kind of a mix of everything.


Do you do marketing stuff for other Orange Media Network stuff too?


I do! I’m also Dam Chic’s marketing associate.


Nice! What led you to this position and the marketing field?


Well, I always felt like I would be interested in marketing, because I feel like I’m a more creative person and I knew I wanted to go into business, and so I tried it out and so far I’ve been liking it! For this position, I saw there was a marketing associate position opening last year, and a girl in my sorority works here  –  she’s my boss now. Funny how that ended up! I asked her about the company and she told me to apply and so I did, and I ended up getting the job.


Awesome! Do you want to continue marketing as a career, and if so, what goals do you have for that, if any?


I think so. I think it’s something I could find a lot of fulfillment in, if I continue to do it. Eventually I would like to be marketing manager for a major company — that would be ideal. I think it’s just so cool to work for like this huge brand and be a part of that, so that’s definitely a goal for me, in the future.


What is your favorite thing about working with PRISM or OMN?


It’s definitely been the people, meeting so many people I would have never met. And seeing all of the art and students that are creating art on campus. I’ve always been a fan of art anyway and so getting to be part of the student art journal is just so cool to me. Also working with the student media network, like who makes the student newspaper. Just so many things. I think it’s a really cool way to branch out of my bubble and get to meet new people and see their creative ideas.


What are some ways being at OSU influences your creativity?


What I see day-to-day, the environment about OSU fuels my creativity, walking outside. I like to people-watch and see what’s going on, and I feel like there’s so many different types of people here, it’s fun to be a little different, to be a little out of the norm. I also feel like it’s a very relaxed university, with a very chill vibe, so I don’t feel afraid to express myself. I know that some people can’t say the same, but it’s somewhere that I feel pretty comfortable in.


What’s the last book you read? Or if you’re more of a TV person, the last movie or TV show you watched?


The last book that I read was The Stranger by Albert Camus. It’s a pretty interesting book. The basic gist of it is that this Frenchman is living a normal life, he’s engaged, and then — this isn’t a spoiler, this is the premise of the book — one day he randomly decides to murder someone on the beach, and so it’s basically about his psychological turn and the consequences of that and why he did that. But it doesn’t really answer the question. It’s an interesting read and the author is famous for his other works as well, so I just wanted to see what it was about. I would recommend it, I think it’s interesting.


Okay, that was an unexpected twist! What’s one of your favorite ways to de-stress during midterms or finals?


Definitely journaling. It’s so therapeutic to write down all your thoughts on paper if you don’t want to talk to anyone. And then working out, going to the gym. Or walking outside—movement helps me a lot to de-stress. 


Okay we’re going to do some fun questions now. What’s something on your bucket list?


Ooh, my bucket list? I really do want to go to France. I know I did just talk about a man murdering someone there, but I’ve always wanted to go there, and to see Europe. So that’s for sure on my bucket list.


Anywhere in particular in France?


Anywhere, honestly.


Where is your favorite place on Earth?


My family has — well, it was my great-grandparents’ ranch in Southern Oregon, and they had this big property with a house and a farm, and they’ve obviously passed by now but it’s still in my family. So every summer we go there for a week and go to the lake, hang out with family there… I have so many fond memories of that place and it’s something that makes me really happy. So that would probably be my favorite place.


If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with the money?


I feel like I would put a lot of it into savings, to be honest. I would save a lot of it and then I would give the rest of it to my parents, to finish paying off whatever — mortgage or car. I would give a lot to them, probably.


If you were a music album which one would you be?


Oh, that’s a good question. I need to look on Spotify! Okay, I’m a big Drake fan, so I feel like I would be either his new album, “For All The Dogs,” or “Certified Lover Boy.” Well—maybe not. Yeah, probably “For All The Dogs,” I would say.


Any particular reason?


This album just has a lot of different vibes. It has more mellow or more nostalgic feelings but then it also has really fun, energetic songs too. I feel like I have a lot of different facets so I would be an album that has a lot of different variations of songs.


Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or fifteen duck-sized horses, and why? 


Definitely fifteen duck-sized horses, because the horse-sized duck is kind of like a bear. How are you going to fight that big animal? But if they’re all small you can just kick them away, or throw them. 


And lastly, are there any upcoming PRISM projects you’re involved with that you’d like to plug/promote here?


Yes! We have a creative art video feature from someone that was featured in the new journal, that will be coming out spring term, I believe. A video on them and their work which is really exciting. We have a lot coming up! Obviously the magazine, and also the blog is very active, and the website, so be sure to check that.


Cool—that’s it!




Thank you!

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Zoe Walker
Zoe Walker, Volunteer
Zoe Walker (she/her/hers) is a 4th year creative writing major and she’s very excited to be a PRISM volunteer. She is also the secretary of the Student Literary Club. In her free time, she likes to read, write, listen to music, and gaze wistfully at photos of her dog (who lives with her parents on the East Coast). She plans on becoming a novelist.

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