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Tips and Tricks: Writers Block

Tips and Tricks: Writer’s Block

Maricruz Trenado-Frias September 12, 2022

There is an argument about whether or not the thing we call writer's block is real or if we should even call it that. I don't think it is necessarily a mental block, but more so that our brains are stuck...

Prose Feature: “Wall in the Dark” by Zane Russell

Zane Russell May 4, 2022

The Garden of Glass I recall all those summers ago, summers ripe as this, seasons upon which I and my sister would prance amidst the flowering daisies of our grandparent’s oriental flat. We would...

Photo by Darya Kraplak via Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Submissions

Natalie Harris November 13, 2020

With the submission deadline quickly approaching (next Friday!), we want to make sure you have all the information you may inquire about. Hopefully this helps solve any worries or uncertainties so you...

Photo by Jen Theodore via Unsplash

Spookiness Between the Stanzas

Natalie Harris October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween from us here at Prism! Last week I shared some spooky short stories to the blog, but today is the spookiest day of the year, so we are definitely still in that spooky spirit. If you’re...

Photo by Marko Blažević via Unsplash

Keep the Lights On: Spooky Stories

Natalie Harris October 23, 2020

The crisp air cuts through the changing leaves and slips under the door and bangs against the window, crawling into cozy nooks and crannies to remind me of why I’m curled up in blankets to begin with....

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Beyond the Page: The Creation of a Zine; ft. Organized Chaos

December 26, 2019

Editor Lauren Miller joins the podcast as an artist, discussing her experience creating her zine, Limbo, with co-authors Kalie Leavelle and Isabelle Carranza. Note: a zine is an independently created...

Pit by Gabe Reitzes

Poetry Feature: “The Hard Worker”

Nathan Waugh November 5, 2019

 The hard worker  start the experiment, wash glassware when done, don’t drop this oneall my concentration, all my focus is here, so single-minded meok nowstep out of lab for just a minutewalk across...


Exploration: Photographs by Yuheng Zhao

October 2, 2019

exploration[ˌekspləˈrāSH(ə)n]NOUNthe action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.Exploration. Whether you are searching through your computer files, taking aimless...

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