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Prose Feature: “Wall in the Dark” by Zane Russell

Zane Russell May 4, 2022

The Garden of Glass I recall all those summers ago, summers ripe as this, seasons upon which I and my sister would prance amidst the flowering daisies of our grandparent’s oriental flat. We would...

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Prose Feature: “National Space Day” by Darcy Pound

Darcy Pound May 7, 2021

Today is National Space Day! To celebrate one of our volunteers, Darcy Pound, wrote a short story about space exploration! Check it out below!'/*~/. space story .~*/' Choosing adventure is not an easy...

Photo by Marko Blažević via Unsplash

Keep the Lights On: Spooky Stories

Natalie Harris October 23, 2020

The crisp air cuts through the changing leaves and slips under the door and bangs against the window, crawling into cozy nooks and crannies to remind me of why I’m curled up in blankets to begin with....

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Prose Feature: 2020 Provost Literary Prize Winner Erin Dose

Erin Dose May 13, 2020

I became fascinated with the lives of strangers as a night janitor.After high school, my father’s child support payments stopped arriving and out ofnecessity, I went to work with my mom in matching blue...

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Beyond the Page: Slip Stories with a Little Help from Our Friends

January 23, 2020

Editor Lauren Miller and Prism contributors Kevin Coalwell, Darcy Pound, Kyle Switzer and Julia Zeigler go head-to-head in the latest edition of slip stories. In this challenge, three random words are...

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“Johnny,” a story from the Beyond the Page podcast [Explicit]

Kevin Coalwell November 1, 2019

Prism contributor Kevin Coalwell tells the chilling story of young Johnny, and a life which would never be the same again.This podcast contains some language which may not be appropriate for all listeners.Want...

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