Prose Feature: “National Space Day” by Darcy Pound

Photo by NASA via Unsplash

Darcy Pound

Today is National Space Day! To celebrate one of our volunteers, Darcy Pound, wrote a short story about space exploration! Check it out below!

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Choosing adventure is not an easy decision. A conventional life is so much safer. More predictable. More reliable. Overall, an ordinary life is beautiful in many known ways. I never thought I would live a life of adventure, but I chose to see not only this world but all others I could find. It was a decision that took time since it contained much uncertainty. I had my fantastic group of friends by my side every step of the way, and each of them gave me a different shade of strength. Together, we had the courage to travel into space where mysteries and wonders awaited us. It was not easy. There were many struggles. Many regrets. Many wrong decisions made. Our adventures were beautiful in many unknown ways. We saw things that were impossible to dream of, heard noises that were indescribable, and felt emotions akin to those of a child discovering something for the first time. The ethereal sights, the dulcet sounds, and the alluring skies surrounded us always. Each day was a new journey, a new story waiting to be told.

Each new character we met made the adventures that much better. The genie with the long blonde hair and blue top who held tightly to her golden lamp. The peasant boy with his torn clothes and face full of determination. The naive princess and her silky purple gowns. The yodeler girl who could not seem to stop making sounds. The ninja boy who brought joy to everyone he was around. The young siblings who knew the power of a child’s sword. The viking woman who held her head high in battle and in life. And the love of my life, who for which I never felt strife.

We traveled near and far. We cherished each day. The sunlight seemed to shine on us in the most special way. Each day was a gift and we had a marvelous life to live. We lived as demurely as possible, awed by the celestial beauty we say daily. We never felt as if we took up space, we instead added to it, as though we were never held in one spot but instead constantly moving. We felt open. We felt free. At least, that was how it felt for me.

I am not sure how the others felt, but those were the greatest days of my life by far. Of course I miss those days and I miss our old ways. I miss the sparkling seas and the luscious trees. I miss traversing foreign lands mindlessly without a plan. I miss feeling both in and out of place with both time and space. I miss all the beauty I have never seen. I miss the risks I never took and the stories I will never get to tell. But the adventure is over for me. I am in a different phase of my life now. I hope my friends still find joy in their everyday quests. I hope they see the graceful rings of a planet spin. I hope they feel the sand beneath them as they sway with the ocean breeze. I hope they see the lush clouds and the twinkling stars and feel the desire to soar through the dazzling sky. It is wonderful to look to space and feel the moment to help you understand exactly where you are and what is still out there to explore. 

Artist Bio: Darcy Pound is a second-year Biology major and an avid Prism volunteer at Oregon State University.

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