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Beyond the Page: Let’s Chat with Skeleton Boy!

Tosca Ruotolo, Editor May 6, 2022

In a very fun episode of Beyond the Page, Tosca is joined by members of pop punk band Skeleton Boy! They shoot the breeze and chat about musical roots, their evolution from stripped-down acoustic sets...

Zane Russell: Wall in the Dark

Zane Russell May 4, 2022

The Garden of Glass I recall all those summers ago, summers ripe as this, seasons upon which I and my sister would prance amidst the flowering daisies of our grandparent’s oriental flat. We would...

2022 Provost Winner: Aanaa Felema (Poetry)

Aanaa Felema May 4, 2022

I’ve Stopped Trying To Make Celery Taste Good 1. I hear it in a pop song for the first time as a child— a vegetable is a vegetable and also a dead weight. I see it for myself when I’m slightly...

Beyond the Page: Let’s Vibe with Glide Divine!

Tosca Ruotolo, Editor April 29, 2022

In this episode, Tosca interviews members of Corvallis space rock band Glide Divine! Tune in as they chat about the band's roots, corvallis vs out-of-state music scenes and local inspirations! Follow...

A bonkers musical: Interviewing Dr. Elizabeth Helman on her production of beloved Cold War rock musical, Chess

“A bonkers musical”: Interviewing Dr. Elizabeth Helman on her production of beloved Cold War rock musical, Chess

Tosca Ruotolo, Editor March 4, 2022

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Elizabeth Helman, acclaimed Director and senior instructor. Her work has been seen across Oregon and has spanned as far as St. Louis. She specializes in teaching,...

Photo by NASA via Unsplash

National Space Day- Short Story

Darcy Pound May 7, 2021

Today is National Space Day! To celebrate one of our volunteers, Darcy Pound, wrote a short story about space exploration! Check it out below!'/*~/. space story .~*/' Choosing adventure is not an easy...

Photo via Orange Media Network

NEW EDITION COMING SOON- vol. 141 ‘flourish’

May 3, 2021

IT’S ALMOST HERE!We are so excited to officially announce that the newest edition of the Prism Journal, Vol. 141 ‘flourish,’ releases digitally this Thursday (May 6th, 2021) at 6PM and will be on...

Self Portrait by Jaden Bellamy

An Artsy Conversation with Jaden Bellamy

Tessa Coffey March 1, 2021

Jaden Bellamy, a third year student at OSU studying Ocean Science, was interviewed as a part of a larger interview series, focusing on highlighting student artists in Corvallis. Bellamy was born and raised...

Typewriter by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Beyond the Page: Poetry from the Past

February 1, 2021

AudioEditors Julia Zeigler and Natalie Harris read some poetry from past Prism editions. Cozy up and listen to these poems about drive-in movie theaters, marine animals, and love.Poem 1: Stingrays by Gena...

Bob Ross_3

Beyond the Page: The Influence of Bob Ross

January 21, 2021

Welcome back to winter term! Join editors Julia Zeigler and Natalie Harris as they discuss Prism updates and the influence Bob Ross has had not only on the art world but younger generations as a whole...

Beyond the Page: Interview with Kim Saira

Beyond the Page: Interview with Kim Saira

November 20, 2020

Join Assistant Editor Natalie Harris as she interviews Kim Saira (@kimsaira on Instagram) about graphic design, advice about creating, and the importance of mental health.Check out Kim Saira at the links...

NaNoWriMo Interview

Beyond the Page: NaNoWriMo Interview with a Special Guest

November 15, 2020

Come join editors Julia Zeigler and Natalie Harris as they talk with NaNoWriMo participant, Kaylee Wallace! Learn her process and hear some great advice!Check out NaNoWriMo:'s...

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