NEW EDITION COMING SOON- vol. 141 ‘flourish’

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We are so excited to officially announce that the newest edition of the Prism Journal, Vol. 141 ‘flourish,’ releases digitally this Thursday (May 6th, 2021) at 6PM and will be on stands on May 10th, 2021! This will be the first annual printed edition and the first printed edition in two years!

The launch party is an open mic for all the published artists and everyone is welcome to watch! It will be on May 6th at 6PM over Zoom and you can join us with the meeting info here:

Zoom Meeting ID: 993 6520 6622

Password: 779758

On May 10th, the print version will be on stands around campus and at a few locations off campus: Browser’s Bookstore, The Corvallis Book Bin, and at both locations of Tried and True Coffee. A few of the print copies will also have two surprises to look out for! The first being that only a select few copies will have a limited edition Prism sticker attached (carefully with tape so you can use it however you please). The second surprise is even more rare! One copy somewhere on campus will have a piece of artwork hand created by our graphic designer, Ari Knight (@cranegirlcreations on Instagram), slipped inside of the edition for you to keep if you find it.

We are thrilled to be able to bring this edition to you guys, so much work and passion has been put into it from the whole team here at Prism. Big thank you to Ari Knight, Lily Noling, our marketing representative, all of our volunteers, everyone on the review committee, and of course every single artist who shared their creativity with us! Also want to thank the other student leaders and professional staff at OMN for their support on this edition.

Once the edition releases this Thursday (May 6th), it will be linked here.

Make sure to keep up with us on social media (@osuprism) as well for more updates!

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