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Is it Okay to Use Clichés?

Cooper Theodore February 7, 2023

We’re told to avoid cliches in any art form, and often critique other art pieces for participating in them. And as we should. Cliches can often be counterproductive to any form of art. A poem...

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Maricruz Trenado-Frias October 5, 2022

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to campus, here at Prism, Editor-in-chief Maricruz Trenado and Assistant Editor Christine Castles are so excited to see the new and returning Prism volunteers again. We have...

How to: Collage

How to: Collage

Maricruz Trenado-Frias August 15, 2022

As we get closer to the start of the school year, we are arriving at an exciting time, Prism submissions!!! Submissions are now open to students for the 2022-2023 school year. If you were unaware, Prism...

Poetry Feature: 2022 Provost Winner Aanaa Felema

Aanaa Felema May 4, 2022

I’ve Stopped Trying To Make Celery Taste Good 1. I hear it in a pop song for the first time as a child— a vegetable is a vegetable and also a dead weight. I see it for myself when I’m slightly...

FAQ About Submissions -- 2022 Journal

FAQ About Submissions — 2022 Journal

Natalie Harris and Tosca Ruotolo November 8, 2021

It's one of the most exciting times of the year, Prism submissions! Our submission deadline is November 19th, 2021--which seems to be quickly approaching. We hope these FAQs will help with any lingering...

Sun Voyager

Art. Displacement. Community.

Ardea C Eichner June 4, 2020

Prism Arts and Literary Journal made a big shift this year, from three magazines per year to just one. And the fruit of that shift, volume 140 of Prism, Displacement, was released as planned on May 11,...

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Prose Feature: 2020 Provost Literary Prize Winner Erin Dose

Erin Dose May 13, 2020

I became fascinated with the lives of strangers as a night janitor.After high school, my father’s child support payments stopped arriving and out ofnecessity, I went to work with my mom in matching blue...

Doodles with Prism: Bamboo Forest

Doodles with Prism: Bamboo Forest

Lauren Miller April 15, 2020

Join Assistant Editor Lauren Miller on a little creative journey! Follow along as she makes a small bamboo doodle using pencil, ink and watercolor. What would you like to see next? Let us know by email...

Taken at the Rose Festival CityFair in June 2016. Post-creation I noticed the family sitting on the bench, tired from the festivals activities while also capturing what summer is like in the city.

Artist Feature: Madilyn Sturges

January 14, 2020

~Madilyn Sturges grew up in a family that built her an art corner in the living room and still prints her artwork and puts them on the fridge. While her major is more focused on social justice, she still...

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Beyond the Page: The Creation of a Zine; ft. Organized Chaos

December 26, 2019

Editor Lauren Miller joins the podcast as an artist, discussing her experience creating her zine, Limbo, with co-authors Kalie Leavelle and Isabelle Carranza. Note: a zine is an independently created...

Holding On by Samuel Gilbert

Poetry Feature: “Crossing” by Samuel Gilbert

December 17, 2019

I think some prominent themes in my work are the beauty of nature, how quickly time passes, the inconstancy of things, and reflection. I like my photos to reflect how I feel as well as be pleasing for...

Pit by Gabe Reitzes

Poetry Feature: “The Hard Worker”

Nathan Waugh November 5, 2019

 The hard worker  start the experiment, wash glassware when done, don’t drop this oneall my concentration, all my focus is here, so single-minded meok nowstep out of lab for just a minutewalk across...

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