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Doodles with Prism: Bamboo Forest

Doodles with Prism: Bamboo Forest

Lauren Miller April 15, 2020

Join Assistant Editor Lauren Miller on a little creative journey! Follow along as she makes a small bamboo doodle using pencil, ink and watercolor. What would you like to see next? Let us know by email...


Poetry Feature: “Sorcery” and “Advisor” by Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller April 8, 2020

FA Chain Study 2 by Sara KerrIn honor of National Poetry Month, enjoy two poems written by Assistant Editor Lauren Miller. Sorcery Magic is modern hysteria, but sometimes I like to touch a flower, watch...

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“Unveiling,” a story from the Beyond the Page podcast

Lauren Miller February 27, 2020

Content warning for reference to vomit.Editor Lauren Miller tells a story about a girl living in strange circumstances with a rich inner life. Then Lauren and editor Ardea Eichner discuss the ins and outs...


A Latte Talk About Art

Lauren Miller February 11, 2020

A Latte Talk About Art By Lauren MillerIf you go to a coffee shop and order a latte, you might notice an intricate, unique pattern on top of your drink. What you’re seeing is a skill that is beloved...

Artwork by Diana Robbins; submitted to Prism in fall 2016

2D Animation on the Big Screen

Lauren Miller December 10, 2019

If you look at what’s playing in theaters, there are plenty of movies to choose from. Action-packed thrillers, heart-wrenching dramas, thought-provoking indies, and kid-friendly three-dimensionally animated...

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The Complexity of Color in “Joker”

Lauren Miller October 22, 2019

Controlled Chaos by McKenna Moore Editor's Note: This story contains spoilers for the 2019 film ‘Joker’ directed by Todd Phillips"Joker" tells the tale of Arthur Fleck, a man afflicted in a Gotham...

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