Poetry Feature: “Sorcery” and “Advisor” by Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller

FA Chain Study 2 by Sara Kerr

In honor of National Poetry Month, enjoy two poems written by Assistant Editor Lauren Miller. 



Magic is modern hysteria, 

but sometimes I like to touch a flower, 

watch it bloom, 

and proclaim I’m a sorcerer. I am ravaged

with tears when it wilts. Life has never felt more precious

than in the palm of my hand. 

The yellow flower, the warm cheek, 

the balmy hand, the brown strands. All too 

fragile for such a tragic end. 

Sometimes I ask myself if anything 

could nurse the flower back to life.

I know the answer. 

But I would rather feel another’s embrace

and watch the flower die 

than be called a witch.




A kingdom without a crown is sufficient. 

It is the ruler who makes the kingdom 

wither. Without the essence of poverty’s breath, 

the stature of a person who has never seen grace 

is crooked like a straight line. 

When you’re running out of time,

dear ruler, 

don’t forget to drown. 




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