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Tips and Tricks: Prompts

Tips and Tricks: Prompts

Maricruz Trenado-Frias November 9, 2022

It has been a long fall term filled with various midterms, essays, and projects and we want to give you a little break. Sometimes when the term consists of a lot of writing or researching we tend to have...

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Maricruz Trenado-Frias October 5, 2022

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to campus, here at Prism, Editor-in-chief Maricruz Trenado and Assistant Editor Christine Castles are so excited to see the new and returning Prism volunteers again. We have...

Tips and Tricks: Writers Block

Tips and Tricks: Writer’s Block

Maricruz Trenado-Frias September 12, 2022

There is an argument about whether or not the thing we call writer's block is real or if we should even call it that. I don't think it is necessarily a mental block, but more so that our brains are stuck...

10 Ways to Use a Journal

10 Ways to Use a Journal

Katie Livermore July 1, 2022

To all my writers, artists, readers, and poets galore; this post is for you. This is for that moment when you’re roped into the journal section and purchase yet another notebook. You might plan to “fill...


Prose Feature: “Flowers” by Erin Dose

Erin Dose June 11, 2020

 FlowersBy Erin DoseThere were flowers at her birth, bouquets as gifts and stuffed into dusty vases of lukewarm water. There were flowers at the first birthday, arranged simply with half-hearted effort,...


Poetry Feature: “Sorcery” and “Advisor” by Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller April 8, 2020

FA Chain Study 2 by Sara KerrIn honor of National Poetry Month, enjoy two poems written by Assistant Editor Lauren Miller. Sorcery Magic is modern hysteria, but sometimes I like to touch a flower, watch...


Poetry Feature: “Silence of the Night” by Robyn Schreiber

Robyn Schreiber March 10, 2020

Some Place by Gabe ReitzesSilence of the Night by Robyn Schreiber The silent echoes of the nightReveal how you feelOn what is wrong or what is rightAnd you travel deep insideOf your mindListening to...

In the Dusk by Ridwana Rahman

Poetry Feature: “Dear My Lost Wallet” by Symon Ramos

Symon Ramos December 24, 2019

  dear my lost wallet,By Symon Ramos lost child littlelambyour place in this worldisby my sidebut I know you can't helpthe urgesof your soulthe impulsesof adventureI'm but the worriedshepherdbearinggiftsof...

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