Poetry Feature: “Silence of the Night” by Robyn Schreiber

Robyn Schreiber

Some Place by Gabe Reitzes

Silence of the Night 

by Robyn Schreiber


The silent echoes of the night

Reveal how you feel

On what is wrong or what is right

And you travel deep inside

Of your mind

Listening to the walls breathe

And the far off caverns

Boom, echo, sigh…

The deep breath in the silence

Prepares you

And, in your mind, you keep


Until the bell tolls

And the digital clock talks

It is then that you listen

Open to reason

And the knowledge of your heart

Pours out

It is then

that you know your own truth

The climax is revelation


Vulnerable to temptation,

Is the silence of the night

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