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Poetry by Ella Cave & a Visual Feature by Weston Flow

It’s Got Pop-ups! by Weston Flow. Photography.


Arts & Crafts

She sat at her desk and collaged her first date.
She worked her scissors through the paper and around printed pictures,
careful not to slice the ears of her partner or trim the hair off his head.


Does this look good? She wonders, carefully arranging the elements on thick cardboard.
Finality in glue, she pasted them down, smiling at the progress, smiling at the matching sweaters
and wide gins, smiling at the silly photos and favorite songs.
She embellished freely, sticking her favorite flowers over crooked edges,
hiding imperfections with roses


She’s saved those flower stickers for years, too perfect to be used carelessly.
She gingerly places a flower in his paper hair, smiling at how cute it looked behind his ear.
This was the only time she paused, just for a moment, when she thought
He wouldn’t like flowers in his hair.
But she stuck the lavender petals down
And forgot she had ever hesitated at all.
She cut poems from the page
Words she had written to him, words she had meant.
With a final scattering of pink hearts and a kiss on his paper cheek, her collage was finished.


Weston Flow

Biography: Full-time student, part-time editor, occasional photographer

Artist Statement: For someone who wanted to get into art, but who didn’t have the patience for painting, the voice for singing, and who hated the sticky feeling of drying clay, photography was a natural choice

Social Media: @best_0f_the_west on Instagram


Ella Cave

Biography: Ella Cave is a 2nd year creative writing major who used to not like poetry. Now, she writes about things she didn’t know could be poetry: her jumbled mess of thoughts and feelings. Ella loves playing ultimate frisbee with her OSU Women’s team The Dinos. When she’s not playing frisbee or dancing or laying in the sun, Ella likes to write about religion, her life, and memories (so she doesn’t forget them). She spends her summers interning with youth at churches and camps to help reach her goal of becoming a youth pastor. Ella likes to use poetry to process her emotions, and practice vulnerability and understanding with herself.

Artist Statement: Ella makes art accidentally. She has some thought or feeling that she just can’t understand, so she writes it down. Ella writes it down to process it, to give it a name. Only after she sets it to rest and rereads it a month later, does she realize how beautiful written emotion really is.

Social Media: @ellarcave on Instagram

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About the Contributor
Brynne Boehlecke
Brynne Boehlecke, Volunteer
Brynne Boehlecke (she/they) is a second-year creative writing major with an Indigenous studies minor. She is the vice president of the Student Literary Club and a member of the Native American Students Association and the Creative Writing Society at OSU. They enjoy writing and reading poetry and fantasy, calligraphy, talking to her dogs, and naming their plants after Shakespeare characters. She’s from Las Vegas and they plan to be a poet and novelist.

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