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Sun Voyager

Art. Displacement. Community.

Ardea C Eichner June 4, 2020

Prism Arts and Literary Journal made a big shift this year, from three magazines per year to just one. And the fruit of that shift, volume 140 of Prism, Displacement, was released as planned on May 11,...

Beyond the Page: Slip Story

Beyond the Page: Slip Stories from Home

May 28, 2020

Editors Lauren Miller and Ardea Eichner take turns telling "slip stories." In this segment, they each attempt to tell a story based on 3 randomly generated words in 60 seconds; then based on 4 words in...


Poetry Feature: “Gratify Me” by Grace Burks

Grace Burks February 25, 2020

Photograph by Julianna Souther  Gratify Me.By Grace Burks You tickled Mewith unequivocal candorMy heart flutteredfor Your echoing murmurs,substantiating Our palpable adorationone-thousand-miles no longer...

Celebrating the Valentines Spirit with Edgar

Celebrating the Valentine’s Spirit with Edgar

February 17, 2020

Prism contributors imagine a love-themed scene for Prism's beloved crow, Edgar. Contributors Lisa Wilson, Darcy Pound, Julia Zeigler and Paige Dingman use watercolors and alcohol markers to create their...

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Beyond the Page: Slip Stories with a Little Help from Our Friends

January 23, 2020

Editor Lauren Miller and Prism contributors Kevin Coalwell, Darcy Pound, Kyle Switzer and Julia Zeigler go head-to-head in the latest edition of slip stories. In this challenge, three random words are...

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Beyond the Page: Winter Break Creative Endeavors

December 19, 2019

Editors Ardea Eichner and Lauren Miller chat about their plans for staying engaged and creative over winter break, including taking time to paint, writing music, storyboarding an animation, and designing...

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