Power Chord Dazzles Listeners at MU Acapella Performance!


Molly Piszczek

Power Chord performs on the Memorial Union stairs.

Molly Piszczek, Volunteer

Meet Power Chord, OSU’s co-ed acapella group.

On Friday, October 22nd Power Chord joined the all male group, Outspoken, and all female group, Divine, in a performance to showcase their hard work thus far in the term. Standing above the audience from the marble steps in the entrance of the Memorial Union, Power Chord’s members sang two songs proudly and harmoniously. 

Their first song, Happier by Bastille and Marshmello, was led by fourth year student and club President, Andy Cooper. Although he had the role of soloist, his fellow members arced around him, mingling their voices into an amicable yet layered performance. According to second year member Camila Porras, “We’re all a group. We only have 3 seniors, everybody else is new… [the seniors] are the ones leading, just because they have more experience with the group… but I genuinely don’t feel like there’s ranks”. Second year student Linnea Lochner led their second group song, Feeling Good by Michael Bublé. Solos are auditioned for and President Andy Cooper gives the final call, but everyone gets a fair chance.

The high, dome-shaped ceiling above the MU entryway provides for a stellar acoustic environment, giving the performers a space to exhibit their vocal ranges, something they can’t do as well in their practice space in Community Hall on campus. The Power Chord group rehearses twice a week, practicing both old and new songs for upcoming performances.

When asked about what sets acapella apart from choir for her, Porras shares that, “[with acapella] I get to stand out, whereas in choir, you blend together”.

Power Chord starts competitions in January, where they will be competing against acapella groups from other schools. If you want to hear the acapella magic for yourself, you can catch the group every Friday at five o’clock pm on the foyer stairs of the Memorial Union. They perform new songs weekly.

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