Beyond the Page: Let’s Vibe with Tosca, ANT JELLO and The Deans

Join Tosca in conversation with lead vocalist/songwriter of The Deans and members of ANT JELLO, and make sure you watch their performances at Rock the plaza, this Friday from 8-9:30pm!


Tosca Ruotolo, Editor

In this episode of Beyond the Page, Tosca interviews members of beloved Corvallis bands ANT JELLO and The Deans. Vibe out with them as they chat about house show etiquette, musical inspirations, upcoming gigs and song recommendations. Make sure you see the bands perform this Friday at Rock the Plaza! This free event will be held from 8-9:30pm in the SEC Plaza.

Intro song – Collide by The Deans
Outro song – Moon Candy (live at Rainbow City) – ANT JELLO
You can find full versions of these songs wherever you stream music!

Follow the bands on Instagram @thedeansmusic and @ant.jello

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