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Beyond the Page: Updates, Events and Winter Holiday Fun!

Tosca Ruotolo and Natalie Harris, Editors December 3, 2021

Happy end of Dead Week, and good luck on your finals! Fall term and 2021 are almost over, so take some time with Natalie and Tosca to discuss upcoming plans for Prism, some fun local music events, winter...

Beyond the Page: Taylor Swift Talk with Natalie and Darcy!

Tosca Ruotolo, Natalie Harris, Darcy Pound, Editors and Volunteers November 30, 2021

In this episode of Beyond the Page, Editor-in-Chief Natalie Harris and Prism volunteer Darcy Pound chat about Taylor Swift! After re-releasing her 2012 album Red, Swifties like Natalie and Darcy are ecstatic...

Beyond the Page: Female Representation in Horror

Tosca Ruotolo, Editor November 16, 2021

Even as a huge fan of horror movies, I can admit that many of the classic and modern films of the genre showcase harmful stereotypes, tropes and roles for women and AFAB folks. In this episode of Beyond...

Beyond the Page: What’s the Deal with Halloween Costumes?

On this episode of Beyond the Page, Tosca, Eva and Emmalee discuss the ins and outs of halloween costumes. The group decides their favorite and least favorite kinds of costumes, what NOT to wear and costumes...

Beyond the Page: A Conversation with Julian Clarke

In episode two of Beyond the Page, we talk with Pride Center staff Julian Clarke about their experience at Oregon State University, their artistic endeavors and their outreach work for SOL OSU. At the...

Beyond the Page: Celebrating Black Female Poets

March 4, 2021

Join editors Julia Zeigler, Natalie Harris, and special guest, Prism volunteer Mia Tognoli, as they discuss three amazing poets: Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelou, and Amanda Gorman! Black voices should...

Paint by Mike Petrucci via Unsplash

Beyond the Page: Art in our Lives This Week

February 20, 2021

Join editors Julia Zeigler and Natalie Harris for a more personal podcast! This week they discuss the different aspects of art that they have seen in their everyday lives throughout the week! Learn about...

Painting by Aisvri via Unsplash

Beyond the Page: Valentine’s Day Art Dates

February 13, 2021

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching what can you do to celebrate safely this year? Editors Julia Zeigler and Natalie Harris discuss different art dates you could take your significant other, friend,...

Typewriter by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Beyond the Page: Poetry from the Past

February 1, 2021

AudioEditors Julia Zeigler and Natalie Harris read some poetry from past Prism editions. Cozy up and listen to these poems about drive-in movie theaters, marine animals, and love.Poem 1: Stingrays by Gena...

Bob Ross_3

Beyond the Page: The Influence of Bob Ross

January 21, 2021

Welcome back to winter term! Join editors Julia Zeigler and Natalie Harris as they discuss Prism updates and the influence Bob Ross has had not only on the art world but younger generations as a whole...

Beyond the Page: Interview with Kim Saira

Beyond the Page: Interview with Kim Saira

November 20, 2020

Join Assistant Editor Natalie Harris as she interviews Kim Saira (@kimsaira on Instagram) about graphic design, advice about creating, and the importance of mental health.Check out Kim Saira at the links...

NaNoWriMo Interview

Beyond the Page: NaNoWriMo Interview with a Special Guest

November 15, 2020

Come join editors Julia Zeigler and Natalie Harris as they talk with NaNoWriMo participant, Kaylee Wallace! Learn her process and hear some great advice!Check out NaNoWriMo:'s...

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