Beyond the Page: Let’s Chat with Cartoonist Lynda Barry!

Natalie and Tosca have the honor of interviewing acclaimed cartoonist Lynda Barry! Tune in to hear Lynda’s advice for artists struggling with inspiration, lessons she’s learned from teaching four-year-olds, and ways she continued creating art throughout the pandemic.


Photo taken by Blake Brown

Natalie Harris and Tosca Ruotolo, Editors

In this episode of Beyond the Page, Natalie and Tosca are joined by cartoonist, author, teacher and former NPR host Lynda Barry during her visit to the Oregon State campus. The three discuss what makes one consider themselves a “bad artist”, how we can learn to draw from four-year-olds, monkeys, and the sudden desire to draw cats during the pandemic.

In 2021, Lynda Barry was awarded by Oregon State the Stone Award for Literary Achievement for her array of critically acclaimed literary work and for being a mentor to young writers. She is the author and illustrator of the comic series Ernie Pook’s Comeek, along with illustrated novels like Cruddy and The Good Times are Killing Me. Many of her creative nonfiction publications, like Making Comics, What It Is, and Syllabus: Notes From an Accidental Professor inspire readers to discover their own artistic and creative passions. She has received a MacArthur Fellowship, an Inkpot Award, and has been inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame. She now teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Watch Lynda Barry’s “Draw Along With Lynda B” YouTube series here!

Huge thanks to Lynda Barry for joining us on this episode, and to the School of Literature, Writing and Film for arranging this fantastic event.

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