An Artsy Conversation with Dayne Smith

An Artsy Conversation with Dayne Smith

Tessa Coffey

Dayne Smith, a senior studying Tourism Recreation Adventure Leadership at OSU, was interviewed as a part of a larger interview series, focusing on highlighting student artists in Corvallis. Smith’s interest in the outdoors translates into her artwork through the use of natural imagery, including plants, animals and landscapes, along with the use of earthy tones.

 “I love to go hiking and take pictures of plants and landscapes that I encounter along the way. This inspires me because it makes painting it more fun since I have memories that are associated with that piece of art,” Smith said.  

Smith comes from a creative family who has supported and encouraged her growth as an artist.  

“I grew up with two artistic and creative parents who are very supporting. They push me to pursue my art career which has helped me create pieces of artwork that reflect my interests and hobbies,” Smith stated.

Smith works primarily with oil, watercolor and acrylic paints although recently, she has been experimenting with digital art and design.

“I love using oil because it dries slowly which is nice since it usually takes me a long time to finish a piece,” Smith says. 


Smith voices, “I hope to create pieces of artwork that make people feel more connected to nature. I think that is really important, especially right now, because we need to be taking care of the world we live in.”

Click here to view more of Dayne Smith’s work and purchase her merchandise. 

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