An Artsy Conversation with Ari Knight

Snail by Ari Knight

Tessa Coffey

Ari Knight (Cranegirl Creations), a Sophomore at OSU studying Graphic Design, was interviewed as a part of a larger interview series, focusing on highlighting student artists in Corvallis. Though Knight most often works with graphic design and photography, she works with a multitude of other mediums as well including music, jewelry making, ceramics, crochet, painting, watercolor, sculpture, collage, fashion design, drawing, embroidery, and mixed media. 

“Photography and graphic design are definitely two of my favorites. I also really enjoy mixed media. I love the idea of creating a random object from a store into a piece of art, or incorporating materials in unconventional ways,” said Knight.


Art and design have always played a huge role in Knight’s life. Starting in elementary school, she took a special interest in graphic design, which led her to explore many different forms of art through her classes in middle and high school.


When asked what she is inspired by, Knight responded, “Everything! I’m very color-oriented, so I’ll often see something or hear a phrase or a song lyric and think of a color. Then I want to translate that into a piece of art.”

Though she is only a second year student, Knight already has a few years of freelance work experience under her belt and has recently begun her own business.


“Last summer I officially began my own business doing photography and graphic design for small businesses and individuals. After I finish school, I hope to continue building my business. I would very much like to be a well-known and influential designer both when I’m alive and after I’m dead. I would like to be remembered as a creative mind,” Knight said. 

Visit to see more of Knight’s work or follow her on Instagram and Facebook @cranegirlcreations.

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