Volunteer Poetry Spotlight: Darcy Pound

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Julia Zeigler

Looking for something to cozy up with? Well check out this poem written by one of our very own Prism volunteers, Darcy Pound! Big thank you to her for sharing this with us! 

When you get where you are going

Darcy Pound

Today is one day

Today is one footprint on your path

Today is one moment of your journey

Your life will surely be filled with surprises, blunders, blessings, and stresses

Your journey will end somehow

Your tale will come to a close

Maybe it will end soon

Perhaps the finish line is miles away

One day you will get where you are going

Then you may go somewhere else or possibly bask in the warm comfort of your memories

One day you will get where you are going

and I hope you like it there

I hope your smiles are true and nothing makes you blue unless you want it to

This is my wish for you

I hope dearly that it may come true

Artist Statement: Welcome to winter term! With the start of the new term, it can sometimes be difficult to find a good rhythm, but it is always worth it to put in the effort. I wrote this poem to motivate myself and I hope it inspires you as well. Here’s to a successful term and a happy New Year!

About the Artist: Darcy Pound is a second-year Biology major and an avid Prism volunteer at Oregon State University.

If this inspired you to write some of your own poetry, head on over to the link below to enter our Short Form Poetry Contest! Entries close on February 5th at 11:59PM and check out our socials @osuprism to stay up to date!

Short Form Poetry Contest: https://forms.gle/LbSpmTgrnZXGmoJ68

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