Poetry Feature: “Crossing” by Samuel Gilbert

Holding On by Samuel Gilbert

I think some prominent themes in my work are the beauty of nature, how quickly time passes, the inconstancy of things, and reflection. I like my photos to reflect how I feel as well as be pleasing for me to look at. I like to capture not only moments and memories but also feelings. My poetry functions similarly but I try to accomplish the same things with words. Poetry is, after all, the best words in the best order, and I try to arrange my words in such a way that I can see and remember how I’ve felt at certain times in certain places.


I don’t know where you’re

On your way to

Or when I can see you again


This is all there is

Shrugging hearts, breaking winds

Thrashing, whipping

Against bare and freezing

Shores of hopes and dreams

Where I write

Pain on these graying pages


Dying, clawing, gasping

Until I can see you again

Until I see you again


What are we where we are now?

What were we then?


Burning lies like stars in black skies

Falling fires

Upon crumbling spires

Who’s grandeur never graced us


White sea foam

In the wake of some grand creation

Somehow coming home

Churning, frothing sin

Beneath a pale horizon

On the gray Atlantic


Until I see you again


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