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A Poem by Allie Wood & a Visual Feature by Ella Ciffone

Ascension by Ella Ciffone. Collage.

The Curse

My mouth is carefully woven from a spool of gold, created out of spite and something akin to wonder.

I am propped up, on display in the summer heat, so they can get a better look at me.

The golden thread aims to silence the sounds of a mad woman/puppet/pawn/pariah.

All day, I stand and bake like bread; fibers unraveling on my porcelain lips,

Once the thread snaps from the blaze of a thousand suns, I turn and ask my maker one question about this disaster body.

Against my better judgment, I ask about the curse.




Ella Ciffone

Biography: I love to create, in all different mediums. I don’t think I will ever choose just one. Creating artwork brings me joy and peace that I want to share with the world.

Artist Statement: I love to create. I try to make art that conveys emotions that seep out of the work and engulf the viewer. While a label for the feelings evoked may not be present there is no doubt of the emotion. We are all connected through the appreciation of art and the sense of belonging it brings us.


Allie Wood

Biography: My name is Allie and I enjoy writing poetry and fiction. I am interested in poetry that discusses nature, the body, illness, and what it means to be a woman. In my free time, I enjoy reading fantasy novels and works of literary fiction. My favorite author who I draw a lot of inspiration from in my own work is Olivie Blake. I also enjoy spending time with my pets, spending time outdoors, or better yet… both at the same time!

Artist Statement: Poetry is a way for me to open my heart up to the things my mouth isn’t ready to speak on yet. I find that writing poems tends to make room on the page for any grievances I’m experiencing at that particular time. Poetry is healing. I love writing poetry about nature, the body, illness, and what it means to be a woman. I hope on some level, I am able to intertwine these interests and create something alluring that evokes emotion and tenderness in the reader.

Social Media: @alliewoood on Instagram

See more of Allie’s work in the upcoming Prism edition, Storyteller!

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About the Contributor
Selene Lawrence
Selene Lawrence, Student Correspondent
Selene Lawrence (she/they) is PRISM’s Lead E-campus Volunteer and online student correspondent. She is an author, poet, musician, and visual and textile artist. Selene is pursuing a major of her own design: Traditional, Folkloric, and Popular Cultural Studies for Mass Media Communications with a writing minor. Above all else, she is a proud Ecampus student, and is working with PRISM to break down the barriers in online education to help students make the most of their college experience.

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  • A

    Alina KrollMar 20, 2024 at 1:19 pm

    This poem feels warm and delicate despite its exploration of life under control of another person. I really admire how you combined those two aspects, Allie!

    The collage is really interesting, and I particularly like how the three sheep almost appear to have one body and three heads. That was a really cool picture to include.