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A Poem by Katie Livermore & a Visual Feature by Aspen McCallum

Honesty by Aspen McCallum. Monotype.


My Mosaic Heart


How are you doing it?
stealing my heart,
piece by piece,
brick by brick,
until it resembles a mosaic unlike before.


Yet instead of fleeing with it
like so many before you,
you softly glue cracks and fissures back together again,
rearranging my heart without holes,
placing it back inside of my soul.


I’ll give you bigger pieces of my heart–
I trust you with them.




Aspen McCallum

Biography: Aspen McCallum is currently a student at Oregon State University working towards a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a minor in Art History. Their focus is in printmaking and studio painting/ drawing. When not studying for school, Aspen works part time as a Stained Glass instructor at the school’s Craft Center. In Aspen’s free time, they expand their creative mindset through other crafts such as ceramics, crochet, woodworking and more.

Artist Statement: For my creative process I take inspiration from my inner thoughts, feelings, identity, and experiences. More recently a lot of my artwork has been more personal because of these themes. From imagined scenes in my brain palace to processing thoughts and feelings from real life experience, my art often combines my fictional and real world into one. As for my preferred medium, I do not favor one overall, which allows me to explore my own creative boundaries and constantly evolve my skills.

Social Media: @mpm.artwork


Katie Livermore

Biography: Hi! I’m Katie, a journalist and poet. I am a third-year at OSU studying zoology and creative writing with minors in applied journalism and chemistry. I love animals, writing and telling interesting human-focused stories to connect the community.

Artist Statement: I love combining my own experiences with nature and its beauty. Poetry is the most healing art form for me, so I write about my emotions in whatever form feels best for me. My hope is that my poetry has the power to heal others, too.

Social Media: @thekoalakatie and @katelynlivermore on Instagram

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Selene Lawrence, Student Correspondent
Selene Lawrence (she/they) is PRISM’s Lead E-campus Volunteer and online student correspondent. She is an author, poet, musician, and visual and textile artist. Selene is pursuing a major of her own design: Traditional, Folkloric, and Popular Cultural Studies for Mass Media Communications with a writing minor. Above all else, she is a proud Ecampus student, and is working with PRISM to break down the barriers in online education to help students make the most of their college experience.

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