Poetry Feature: Gratify Me

Grace Burks

Photograph by Julianna Souther
Gratify Me.
By Grace Burks


You tickled Me

with unequivocal candor

My heart fluttered

for Your echoing murmurs,

substantiating Our palpable adoration

one-thousand-miles no longer lingered

intimacy became entangled by distance

sanctioned by time

clocking by

lost but not pillaged

two pillars founded by one

the extension vaporized

nothing was bound

yet You kept prevailing

with effortless endurance                         

We clung to the sheets of ambiguity

vacant but inhabited

the paradox of asynchronous ardor

each holding tickets to Our quintessential beings

grasping, clutching, caressing

I yearned to surrender My crux

but lusted for a swooning whistle of breath

to expel from the pursed hum

    beneath the bridge of Your nose

You built the bridge, with lucidity

You seized My core

and I gradually slid into Yours

until You wrestled the bridge from beneath Me

You flung My toes at the moon

You swept Your feelings away with My hair

You gnawed at My skin

     the flesh ate Me outside in

            until I was marooned

You took My gravity

      with a sudden atrophy






I have since found ground.

your shallow gravity gave Me leverage

unclasped, I grasped My own gravity.

you left with the piercing tremble of silence.

you left Me alone.

you left you alone.



Me- I’m alone.

     – I’m alone.

but I’m not lonely.

you abandoned Me.

        but I embraced Me.

the silence clung to Me

I lingered in the sheets of isolation

with unequivocal candor

I gratified Me.