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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Maricruz Trenado-Frias October 5, 2022

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to campus, here at Prism, Editor-in-chief Maricruz Trenado and Assistant Editor Christine Castles are so excited to see the new and returning Prism volunteers again. We have...

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Beyond the Page: MerMay and Earth Day Poetry

April 30, 2020

Join editors Ardea Eicher and Lauren Miller alongside volunteers Darcy Pound and Lisa Wilson as they recite their poetry in honor of National Poetry Month. With the prompts of MerMay, Earth Day, and shelter,...


Poetry Feature: “The Ineffable Machinations of the Universe” by Megan Tucker

Megan Tucker March 3, 2020

 The Ineffable Machinations of the UniverseBy Megan Tucker  Vermilion feathers wake mefrom wandering silence.Pointed proboscis of a mouth:My body insists on becom-ing earth again. Ephemeral,the gossamer...

Self Delirium by Brady Robinson

Poetry Feature: “An Untitled Piece of Humanity” by Natalie Harris

Natalie Harris December 3, 2019

An Untitled Piece of HumanityNatalie HarrisI paint a picture      a pretty picture     and hope it stays     but little did I know     this painting was made ofwater color.      Water...

Cumulus by Joshua Bayani

See Beyond the Obvious: An Art Collection

by Joshua Bayani November 19, 2019

I like to make complex things simple, simple things complex, and sometimes leave them just the way they are. No matter the intricacy, the challenge is to see beyond the obvious, to become conscious of...

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Beyond the Page: The Artistic Vision of People of Colour Clothing

November 7, 2019

Assistant Editor Lauren Miller sits down to talk with Darius Northern, the creator of People of Colour Clothing. They discuss logos, designs, and color themes of POC, as well as where the brand is headed...

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Beyond the Page: Spooky Experiences

October 30, 2019

Assistant Editor Lauren Miller and Prism volunteers Julia Zeigler and Kevin Coalwell discuss some creepy situations they've encountered. From ouija boards to haunted grocery stores, there is lots to unveil...

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The Complexity of Color in “Joker”

Lauren Miller October 22, 2019

Controlled Chaos by McKenna Moore Editor's Note: This story contains spoilers for the 2019 film ‘Joker’ directed by Todd Phillips"Joker" tells the tale of Arthur Fleck, a man afflicted in a Gotham...

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Beyond the Page Podcast: Revisiting the Legacy

October 17, 2019

Current editor of Prism, Ardea Eichner, chats with former editor Erin Dose on her legacy, the legacy of Prism, and what Prism hopes to become moving forward.Got art, photography, writing, audio, or video...

Untitled by Morgan Barnett

“Ruminating on Comfort” : An Art Collection

Morgan Barnett October 16, 2019

Morgan Barnett is a self taught artist from the Pacific Northwest, focusing on semi surrealist landscapes. They draw inspiration from dreams and the natural environment.Barnett states that "[t]his body...

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