“Ruminating on Comfort” : An Art Collection

Untitled by Morgan Barnett

Morgan Barnett

Morgan Barnett is a self taught artist from the Pacific Northwest, focusing on semi surrealist landscapes. They draw inspiration from dreams and the natural environment.

Barnett states that “[t]his body of work focuses on transient states of being and feeling, and the rituals used to explore the idea of belonging and the view of being wholly in a place while separate from it. Exploring the idea of an empty landscape and challenging the ideas of bleakness and beauty often falsely pitted against each other, ruminating on comfort and how to move through fear of the unknown.”

Take a look at their collection of paintings submitted for the Spring 2019 edition of Prism. 

If you would like to see more of Morgan Barnett’s work, check out @mbarnettc on Instagram (instagram.com/mbarnettc). Hope you enjoyed this wonderful collection!

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