Poetry Feature: “An Untitled Piece of Humanity” by Natalie Harris

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Natalie Harris

An Untitled Piece of Humanity

Natalie Harris

I paint a picture 

     a pretty picture

     and hope it stays

     but little did I know

     this painting was made of

water color. 

     Water color

     vivid and bright

     with swirling images

     that blend together

     and create

a mistake. 

     A mistake

     so bold on the page

     that once was perfect

     but what is perfect

     anyways because with

     perfect you never


     I am here to learn

     so teach me and show me

     and do not scold me

     when I inevitably mess up

     because all I need is to learn

     how to


     I will grow into myself

     and I will let my dreams

     flourish for they will be

     vivid and bright

     and bold on a page

     and I will chase after my dreams

     like a child leaping for a kite

     that flies high in a sky with clouds

     and golden sun that hopes it stays

     just like

a picture. 

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