Summer Reads


As someone who always had a book in their hand growing up, I always found the perfect one each time—bringing a book to any occasion, family parties, weddings, trips to the beach, or even to curl up and read in the safety of my home. If I can always find the perfect book, then so can you! Here are a couple of books to point you in the right direction! Have fun reading! 


They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera 

Young adult fiction, Adventure fiction, LGBT literature

In a parallel universe, there is now a company called Death-Cast. This company informs Deckers, who are people that have 24 hours left to live. However, they do not have any information as to how they are going to die. This allows the deckers to say goodbye and possibly do something worthwhile. The day comes when two young men, Puerto-Rico Mateo and Bi-sexual Cuban-American Rufus, living in New York City, receive their end-day call. This day brings both the young men out of their comfort zone while also discovering sides of themselves they never knew existed.


She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

Drama, Psychological Fiction, Novel

A story of a broken teenage girl, Dolores Price, growing up quickly into a woman, not having the chance to have a fulfilling childhood. After many terrible events occur in Dolores’ life, her mother leaves her and becomes a patient in a mental facility, leaving Dolores in the hands of her grandmother. But, the worst is yet to come, as Dolores is put through unspeakable things, alone in a world of pain and guilt, and on a journey to find meaning in life.


The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller

Romance Novel, Psychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction

It is the peak of summer as Elle, a grown adult,  married mother of three, wakes up in “The Paper Palace,” a summer home owned by her grandparents. A summer vacation home, Elle has spent her entire life every summer. However, her happy married life worsens when she reunites with an old friend, and they have sex as their spouses conversate in the next room. For the next twenty-four hours, Elle has to decide between her married life that has made her happy or her childhood love. Her decision will impact her life and change them forever.


Something Wild by Hanna Halperin 

Psychological Fiction

Two adult sisters stop their lives to return home and help their mother pack up their childhood home. However, as they return, they are struck with the memory of their childhood—a childhood filled with secrets, comfort, guilt, anger, forgiveness, and love. Things take a turn when they discover their mother has been in a vulgar relationship. One of the daughters tries to convince their mother to get a restraining order against their stepfather but fails. As they try to see what good the stepfather offers, a secret is exposed, and their relationship is about to implode. 


Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney

Literary Fiction

Two best friends on the opposite side of the world, at the cusp of life at age thirty, are still trying to figure out who they are and how to get there. They find themselves tangled with two men and travel together, seeking to feel something. They build a friendship full of sex, guilt, and questions about their actions. Will they be able to find a bright light in a world full of unsatisfactory?


Cloud Cuckoo Land By Anthony Doerr

Science Fiction, Historical Fiction

Five characters whose stories spanned nearly six centuries, each one transporting us to the worlds of dreamers and outsiders. In 1453, two characters with a strong passion for animal safety risked everything to save the people they love. In 2020, a more developed character sought revenge on the life coming down, crumbling around him. Will he be able to go through with his plans? Sometime in the future, an unknown character has the biggest stress of all, saving the human race. She must look at the older stories for help and guidance on this journey. Tied together by a single story, these dreamers and outsiders face slim chances of survival as all odds are against them.

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