NEW EDITION: Vol. 141 ‘flourish’ OUT NOW

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We are so excited to announce that the newest edition of the Prism Journal, Vol. 141 ‘flourish,’ is out now online and in print!! 

Digitally, you can find it online both on our website here and with our other past editions here.

The print version is out now on stands around campus and at a few locations off campus: Browser’s Bookstore, The Corvallis Book Bin, and at both locations of Tried and True Coffee.

A few of the print copies also have two things to look out for! The first being that only a select few copies have a limited edition Prism sticker attached (carefully with tape, so you can use it however you please). The second is even more rare! One copy somewhere on campus has a piece of artwork hand created by our graphic designer, Ari Knight (@cranegirlcreations on Instagram), slipped inside of the edition for you to keep if you find it!

Big thank you once again to Ari Knight, Lily Noling, our marketing representative, all of our volunteers, everyone on the review committee, and of course every single artist who shared their creativity with us! Also would like to thank the other student leaders and professional staff at OMN for their support on this edition.

Make sure to keep up with us on social media (@osuprism) as well for more updates!

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