Cozy and Crafting

Photo by Buse Doga Ay via Unsplash

Natalie Harris

The weather outside is…chilly, so it’s time to cozy up with whatever warm drink of your choosing (for me it will be tea)! While you get that drink ready, how about we help brainstorm some craft ideas you can do this wintery weekend.

Winter Gardening with Terrariums

Painted Rocks

DIY Snow Globes

Magic Snow

  • What you’ll need: depends on the craft you follow! Popular ones include baking soda, conditioner, shaving cream
  • How to video

Paper Snowflakes

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

  • What you’ll need: candy canes, light cocoa candy melts, marshmallows
  • How to article

Cross Stitching

Are you an Oregon State University student and want to explore more ways to craft, and for free? Check out the craft kits provided to students through the Craft Center! We have one more fun idea for you, host a craft night with friends on Zoom! And we have a little secret for you… we’re going to host one real soon. Stay tuned by following us on @osuprism on Instagram or Twitter!

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