Poetry Feature: “A Nonexistent Shore” by Jordan Le Blanc

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Jordan Le Blanc

A Nonexistent Shore

by Jordan Le Blanc


Laughter being made

Sorrow being portrayed

Disease yet unknown

The ache seeps deeper than bone


Futures held dear

Beings yet show fear

Chaos yet here, remained

As the mind fades


Feathers grow

Wings glide low 

The wind tells such tales 

From mountains, towers, and sails


But panic strikes

And the claws of anxiety fights

Falling into the deep

Till darkness is all that I keep


Darkness pitted against the lights

Righteous fury blindly fights

Hidden those wings from the light

Seeking hope amongst the starlight


Yet still continues the story

Of fear, panic, and fury

Sorrow which she may

Death will not stay


Yet those wings of mine

Grow, glide, and fly so fine

Takes me to conquered shores

Free of such bloody, hateful lores


If only the were still grown

Burnt, broken, and sewn

Wings; feathers that resembled the starlight

Such and imagined site


So here I lie, I dream

Sewing what remains along the seam

Hoping to be once more

At those nonexistent shores

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